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Therapeutic Farriery

Many horses have problems and abnormalities of their hooves and lower limbs. These problems may be acquired as the horse grows and develops; they may be caused by illness or injury or they may be a condition that the horse was born with.

Our team of farriers and veterinarians have a wide range of experience in managing equine podiatry cases. They understand what a healthy hoof should look like for the various ages, breeds and uses of horses. They understand the hoof's structure and function and how disease and injury processes affect them. They understand how hooves respond to exercise and how they grow and heal.

Our team will examine your horse and develop a tailored plan of therapeutic farriery specific to the condition and the individual horse. This plan may only require one or two trims or shoeing’s or it may need to be implemented over a number of months, even up to a year, depending on the nature and severity of the condition.